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shop - merchandising - commissions

Here you can commission personalized drawings by Kin Le Voyageur and also the merchandising products that you can buy through my shop on redbubble.

Most people get them as
birthday or anniversary gifts, but it can be whatever you like.
Some of them wants the drawing on T-shirt or other stuff like mug, post cards etc.

To find on more, email me:

By supporting my work on Patreon, you will get priority and discount!




Ask me what you want and I will do it for you.

Share with me what do you like and love in life (animals, family, people, symbol etc...).
Is there something that you really want on the picture like trees, pets etc..?

Then I will share with you some concepts to define better the final drawings.

Find below some examples.


I invite you to check my redbubble pages where I am preparing each collection with love.If you really love the design or you want to offer something Unique , let me know, I can personalize for youTo find on more, email me:

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