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How to help and get more!

In order to live, the Author of Kin Le Voyageur proposes you different ways to help him live from his art.

The money received will be invested in material, software and time to finish novels, books and video works.

- Patreon Soluton: Become my gardener!

Patreon lets fans support their favorite creators by becoming patrons.

The idea is to give me a small and regular amount every month, 1$/€ - 5$/€ - 10$/€

In exchange, I will provide the release of every work in exclusivity.

Comments of the Author:
The best solution to get monthly revenue, in order to work in peace and deliver the best work ever without financial thinking.

For you:
You will have the guarantee to give full potential to the Author.

By reaching the Super Milestone, I will be full time on the development of the Universe of KinLevoyageur.

- Merchandising: Dress you for you travel!

Some of the drawing are available as a printed product in the following website.
I will manage to upload more shortly.
It is something new for me, so if you have some recommendation, please share it.

For my gardeners and for the others, I am able to customize the drawing with your name (3 letters) or a specific one, I will be happy to do it.

- Commission, order something.

I will be happy to create something customized for you.

I did covers of notebooks for my friends, small and large drawings.

Please check here and email me for more details.

- Donation

Donation is really accepted for relevant amount.
For small donation, I prefer to receive 10$/€ for 10 months through Patreon than in bulk.

- Investment

If you have the financial capabilities to give me a boost and get the things done quickly, please email me to have a talk about the objectives of the project.

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