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If you did not read “About the project” page, have a quick look at it.

This project is important for both of us. It can bring opportunities to everyone in the mid-long term. But in the beginning it is small and fragile.

It includes videos comics, books, printing books, books, illustration set, exhibition, merchandising, painting and much more. The content is here.

Apart from the solution Patreon, you can also be my gardener by making a direct donation of the amount that you want.

Everything will be invested to set up the legal foundations and improve the working conditions.

If you are interested or you want more details, contact me on my regular email address.

I can not thank you enough for doing this for me.

Participate and an entire artistic universe will appear.

Gold Logo
Sun, Moon and Earth illustrating the eye of Kin
Old Book Illustration
First sentences of the book "The Beings" (Les êtres, Los seres)
Cover "On The Route to the Joy"
Cover youtube Video of "On the route to the joy"
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