About you

This is the place where you can learn more about You

and Kin Le Voyageur. 

If you like the drawings, the universe, the music, the video comics, the stories even if you only see parts of it, the nature or whatever else, this page is for you.

I take the first step. In this step, everything is a little bit blur, unknown. For me and for both of us. But I know one thing: I need your attention. I need you.

There are much more videos, drawings and stories, which are still waiting to come out. We are at the beginning of a long term adventure.

Inside of all I produce and offer to you, there is a strong investment.

I believe that if people like the content, they want to take care of it as a gardener does with his or her plants.

I propose to you to be my gardeners.

Be My Garderner!

Gold Logo
Sun, Moon and Earth illustrating the eye of Kin
Old Book Illustration
First sentences of the book "The Beings" (Les êtres, Los seres)
Cover "On The Route to the Joy"
Cover youtube Video of "On the route to the joy"
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