About the project

The development of the whole project is still in progress and

will be shown step by step.

The website is one of the points of entrance into the universe.  His function is to present nicely and clearly the universe of the artist. It gives you all the information you need to know. 

Travel in it.

The project includes videos, comics, books, exhibitions, printing books, illustration sets, merchandising, painting, applications, games and much more.

Other creative works are in the making and some of them cannot be showed right now for practical reasons.

If you like the illustrations, the videos, the universe or whatever else, please be my gardener

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Gold Logo
Sun, Moon and Earth illustrating the eye of Kin
Old Book Illustration
First sentences of the book "The Beings" (Les êtres, Los seres)
Cover "On The Route to the Joy"
Cover youtube Video of "On the route to the joy"
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