If you Know me

So here we are, my friends!"Quérinou, Dubdub, Dub, Téo, Théo, Lému, Petitou, Neo... are some of the nicknames that I received from you (childhood, school, university, work, holidays etc.)."

As you can see, I have chosen other letters to begin this artistic life.

Well physically, I did not change a lot. Maybe I was invisible to some of you for quite a long time, but for real, you will recognize me for sure.

 It was a long journey until this day, but now, I am once again visible through the project of Kin Le Voyageur. By this way, we are reconnected once again.

I want to thank you for inviting me in your life and for the time we spent together. This project is also a way for me, to say: Thank You!

Even if I don't know where I am going, I am very happy to begin this artistic life. My goal is to live from it and to spend my life doing what I am good at, writing, drawing, creating etc.

We are still traveling together!

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