Stories illustrated around perception, wisdom and consciousness. The episodes presented are the first in each series.
You can also see them in video in the "Video" section.
All are translated into French, English and Spanish.

"ORDER" - 2nd version - 1st episode

“Order” is a series in three parts.
It talks about Confusion and Disorder.

The purpose is to give us a better understanding of the world that we are living in and creating.

This story can be read and understood in different ways.I did two versions of it. This one is the second version.

"kin dailylife" - 2017 - 1st episode

"Kindailylife" traces the true life of the author during his earthly life. You can see how the author perceives his reality.
This first episode concerns the return to a conformist work.

"inhuman society - 2015 - 1st episode

"Inhuman society" unveils with clarity and neutrality the "human" organization as we know it, engendering an inhuman society, far from the true nature of the human.

"CIVICISME" - 2012 - 1st episode

"CIVICISM" is officially the first story created by Kin Le Voyageur.
It was written and drawn for the "Serra i Moret" contest, organized by the Generalidad de Catalunya in 2013, on the theme of civicism, where it received the first prize.

"FOOT" - 2014 - 1st episode

"Foot illustrates the story of a lover of the movement of the ball who finds himself professional in a football team. He perfected his technique and learned the rules of this market.

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