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“BeHind the Scenes (BHS) is a selection of photos of my drawings in the place where I am.

Indeed, I am always interested in how art is created and where.

So when I am working, I always make sure to take some pictures to show the evolution and share the place when art is cre- ated.

The Images shot on transport, require to be fast and well concentrated to do the best work.

Most of the drawings were done in the bus, the train, the bar etc... Then, I expand the idea and started to shot illustrations in nature, beaches etc.

"When I was working at a office, drawings were done step by step. Starting at the morning, during the lunch time and then on the way back home.
It is a way for you to travel through my drawings. :-)"

kin daily life series

YIN ENERGY serieS - 01

FIRST STEP serieS - 01

DUBAI serieS - 01