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Kin Le voyageur is a traveler.
He explores dimensions, discovers worlds and observes without judgement, without restrictions, without comparison.

From all these travels, he gathers stories, illustrations and much more that he wants

to share with you. Easy access to all my work by registering you for Free on my artistic project: can humanity change?

You are invited to dive, watch and feel something fresh and new by becoming a Voyageur!

Two Steps:

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Step 2: Get the Full Experience, becoming a patron!

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Kin Le Voyageur is the name of the Author as well as the principal character of the story.

He was born in Europe and  has been living in Spain for some years now.

He is an artist who explores his inspirational universe through different means: drawing, writing, painting, video, photos etc.…

"I knew for a long time that I had a talent for drawing and making up stories.
I decided very early that I needed a real cause to be able to express it.
While waiting for the cause, I accepted the rules of the game of a normal life and followed the conformity.

The years are past.

Then, the cause was expressed by three questions:

Why do we live in such a messy and complex world?
Why do we accept absurdity as a "normal" way of life?
And why did I choose, like everyone else on this earth, to live this experience?

If these observations were correct, the learning had to be reversed.
To begin by putting order in itself deeply, is a concept which arrives late in a life if ever.

It's called wisdom.
And to get closer to wisdom, the first steps are decisive.

It's like entering an unknown land.
Accept not to know. Have a benevolent skepticism.

To act out is to dedicate one's time to reading about wisdom and putting into practice concepts.

So, to help me understand, I quickly used the drawings to illustrate the concepts.
I made my own language.
From these teachings came stories, illustrations.

Later, I felt that it was time to share my work and my experience.
I created the artistic project "Can Humanity Change" which aims to change humanity in depth.

What I propose to you is an artistic experience in which you will be actor and observer.

Take this as an invitation.

Your journey ends when the heart is empty.

Fill it now!"


A shot video about "Who Am I" that I did a long time ago.
Thanks for LAI & JAM for their voices and GIB for the Music.

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